Laying a Groundwork; Initiative Options
Monday 23 July 2012, 2:45pm - 5:15pm

The first part of this session was intended to lay a groundwork for our discussion by touching briefly on core concerns, outcomes sought, and current and past activism (90 m). The second part of this session introduced the proposed initiatives (50 m).  Rich Hayes and Daniel Sharp facilitated.

  • Introductions and overview (5 m) 
  • Core Concerns: Why are we really concerned about synthetic biology? How can the major concerns be succinctly named and described? Is there a “taxonomy” of concerns that might be useful? (30 m) [Background Memo Section III]
    • Resource people:  Bruce Jennings, David King, Stuart Newman, Jaydee Hanson  
  • What are the major outcomes we seek, regarding both policy and “hearts and minds”? What is the state of advocacy organizing focused specifically on synthetic biology, at both the international and the domestic US levels? (25 m) [Background Memo Sections IV]
    • Resource people: Eric Hoffman, Shelly Krimsky, Jayee Hanson
  • Contextualizing Synthetic Biology: How might initiatives on synthetic biology build on, relate to or learn from ongoing initiatives addressing related biotechnologies? (30 min) [Background Memo Section II]
    • Resource people: Jaydee Hanson (GE Foods & Nanotechnology),  Nina Mak (GE Animals), Susan Wright and Bob Gould (Bioweapons), Eric Hoffman (local lab organizing).
  • What specific initiatives might be undertaken at this time and are worth considering in more detail? (50 m) [Background Memo Section V]
    • Human Applications of Synthetic Biology Document and Advocacy Initiative:
      • Initiating Discussant: Eric Hoffman 
    • A Communications, Messaging, and Web-based Initiative:
      • Initiating Discussant: Gina Maranto                   
    • Foundational & Long-term Thinking and Communications Initiative:
      • Initiating Discussant: Bruce Jennings            
    • Others: Local synbio lab organizing; anti-corporate campaigns, more
      • Resource People: Tim Schwab (Anti-corporate campaigns), Jaydee Hanson (Policy Working Group), Bob Gould and Susan Wright (Bioweapons Initiatives)

For a full description of the Synthetic Biology and the Human Future track, click here


Knickerbocker Room

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