2011 Video Gallery

2011 Video Gallery: Plenary Sessions

Thanks to Doug Pet, Sam Chase, and Charles Garzon for organizing, recording and preparing these videos.

MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

Opening plenary: Welcome, reflections on values and principles for a new biopolitics

Michele Goodwin
University of Minnesota
Colin O'Neil
International Center for Technology Assessment
David Winickoff
University of California, Berkeley

Plenary: Global challenges and opportunities

Laurence Lwoff
Council of Europe
Alexander Capron
University of Southern California
Eric Hoffman
Friends of the Earth
Chamundeeswari Kuppuswamy
University of Sheffield
Shree Mulay
Memorial University Faculty of Medicine
Helen Wallace
Gene Watch UK

Dinner plenary: Education and the new human biotechnologies

Evelynn Hammonds
Harvard University
Jinnie Garrett
Hamilton College
Milton Reynolds
Facing History and Ourselves

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011

Plenary reflections: Connecting the dots; discussion, reports and announcements

Erich Pica
Friends of the Earth
Ruqaiijah Yearby
Case Western University School of Law
Becky McClain
Alliance for Humane Biotechnology

Dinner reflections; reports and announcements

Sylvia Rumball
Massey University
Patricia Williams
Columbia University

Biopolitical cultural festival

Charles Weiner
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chamundeeswari Kuppuswamy
University of Sheffield
Regan Brashear
Independent film - "FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement"
Brendan Parent
NY Task Force on Life and the Law
Rebecca Haimowitz
Documentary Film - "Made in India"
Vaishali Sinha
Documentary Film - "Made in India"


Closing plenary: Where have we been, where are we now, and where might we go?

Alexander Capron
University of Southern California
Susan Berke Fogel
Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research
Dorothy Roberts
University of Pennsylvania