Bruce Jennings
Director of Bioethics
Center for Humans and Nature
Yale University School of Public Health
Dobbs Ferry
United States
(914) 231-7200

Bruce Jennings is Director of Bioethics at the Center for Humans and Nature. Mr. Jennings also serves as editor of the electronic journal, "Minding Nature." Since 1996 he has taught at the Yale University School of Public Health and has been a leader in ethics education in the field of public health. In addition, he holds a faculty appointment at the Weill Medical College-Cornell University and the New York College of Medicine. He also is Senior Consultant and an elected Fellow at The Hastings Center, a research institute that studies ethical and social issues in medicine, the life sciences, and the professions. From 1991 through 1999 he served as Executive Director of The Hastings Center. A political scientist by training (Yale University B.A. 1971 and Princeton University M.A. 1973), Mr. Jennings has written and edited twenty books and has published over one hundred fifty articles on bioethics and public policy issues. Among his recent books are Public Health Ethics: Theory, Policy and Practice (2007) and The Perversion of Autonomy: the Proper Uses of Coercion and Constraints in a Liberal Society, 2nd. Ed. (2003). He has recently completed work on two new books: one on the ethics of end of life care, and the other on public health and political theory. Work in progress includes a study of the relationship between the concept of nature and the concept of culture in modern social philosophy.

The Center for Humans and Nature is a private, nonpartisan research and educational institute that studies philosophical, ethical, and policy questions arising at the intersection of environmental policy, public health, and regional planning.

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