The Tarrytown Showcase

One of the most encouraging outcomes of the Tarrytown Meetings was the network of advocates, scholars, policy experts, creative artists and others that has come together around shared values and perspectives concerning the new biopolitics.  At the July 2012 Tarrytown Meeting we  exhibited "The Tarrytown Showcase," a visual display of participants’ current, planned and speculative-but-realistic initiatives. The goal of the Showcase was to:
  • Communicate the accomplishments of Tarrytown participants in an engaging way
  • Inform participants of what others are currently working on (books, conferences, campaigns, etc).
  • Highlight opportunities for collaboration and involvement with others in these and other activities in the months to come.

Below you can view the completed posters.

Tarrytown Showcase Submissions:

Eric Hoffman
Friends of the Earth
Emily Smith Beitiks
Center for Genetics and Society
Stacey Wickware
Dozier-LIbbey Medical High School
Gina Maranto
University of Miami
Karen Rotabi
Virginia Commonwealth University
Milton Reynolds
Facing History and Ourselves
Marcy Darnovsky
Center for Genetics and Society
Gwen D'Arcangelis
Scripps College
Judy Norsigian and Sally Whelan
Our Bodies Ourselves

Adam Smith
Science Journalist
Katayoun Chamany
The New School
Laura Foster
Indiana University, Bloomington


Katherine Darling
University of California, San Francisco
Lisa Rubin
The New School
Rori Rohlfs
University of California, Berkeley


Lisa Ikemoto
University of California, Davis
Bruce Jennings
Center for Humans and Nature
David Winickoff
University of California, Berkeley


Daniel Sharp
Center for Genetics and Society
Ruha Benjamin
Boston University
Daniel Sharp
The New School


Daisy Deomampo
City University of New York
Esteban Falconi
National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science,
Technology and Innovation of Ecuador
Malia  Fullerton
University of Washington School of Medicine


Osagie Obasogie
University of California Hastings College of Law
Jeremy Gruber
Council for Responsible Genetics
Ross White
The Hasting Center


Marsha Darling
Adelphi University
Paul Vanouse
University at Buffalo


Valshali Sinha
Documentary Film Maker - "Made in India"
Tim Schwab
Food and Water Watch
Alma Beltrán y Puga
Grupo de Informacion en Reproduccion Elegida


David King
Human Genetics Alert
Jonathan Kahn
Hamline University School of Law
Gerald Schatz
Citizens for Responsible Care and Research 


Eran DeSilva
Notre Dame High School
Alexander Gaguine
Appleton Foundation
Patricia Williams
Columbia University


Susan Wright
University of California Santa Cruz
Anna Jabloner
University of Chicago
Jaime King
University oc California Hasting College of Law


Amy Laura Hall
Duke University
Sandra Park
American Civil Liberties Union
Nilmini Rubin
Outlaw Forced Sterilization


Molly Shanley
Vassar College
J.P. Harpignies
Bioneers/Collective Heritage Institute
Mehmet Somel
University of California Berkeley


Wendy Kline
University of Cincinnati
Karthik Sonty
Center for Genetics and Society
Pete Shanks


Jonathan Marks
University of North Carolina Charlotte 
Richard Hayes
Center for Genetics and Society
Sarah Stranahan
Bolder Giving


Robert Gould
Physicians for Social Responsibility