2010 Video Gallery

2010 Video Gallery

Thanks to Brendan Parent, Doug Pet and Anne Rumberger for their work on organizing, recording and preparing these videos.

TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010

Welcome, Overview, Stage-Setters

Marsha J. Tyson Darling
Adelphi University
Debra Greenfield
UCLA Center for Society and Genetics
Jonathan Kahn
Hamline University School of Law

Grounding Our Concern

George Annas
Boston University School of Public Health
Adrienne Asch
Yeshiva University
Carmel Shalev
International Center for Health, Law and Ethics, Haifa University, Israel

Society and Politics

Bruce Jennings
Center for Humans and Nature
Dorothy Roberts
University of Pennsylvania
Stuart Newman
New York Medical College

Intergenerational Challenges


Welcome, Reflections, Discussion

Lisa Ikemoto
University of California, Davis (UCD)
Sheila Jasanoff
Harvard University
Erik Parens
The Hastings Center

Policy and Strategy

Rebecca Dresser
Washington University in St. Louis
Jaydee Hanson
International Center for Technology Assessment
Karen Maschke
The Hastings Center
Rosario Isasi
McGill University

Dinner Reflections

Jeremy Gruber
Council for Responsible Genetics
Susan Lindee
University of Pennsylvania
Shree Mulay
Memorial University Faculty of Medicine


Concluding Session: Reports, plans, reflections

Charles Weiner
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patricia Williams
Columbia University
Francine Coeytaux
Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research