Jeremy Gruber
Council for Responsible Genetics
New York
United States
(212) 361-6360

Mr. Gruber holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from St. John's University School of Law and a B.A. in Politics from Brandeis University. Previously he served as the legal director of the National Workrights Institute, a human rights organization dedicated to the rights of American workers. Prior to that he served as the field director for the ACLU's National Taskforce on Civil Liberties in the Workplace. Jeremy has worked for two decades on genetic non-discrimination legislation at the state and Federal level. He helped author and pass numerous state laws on genetic non-discrimination. Mr. Gruber is a founder and executive committee member of the Coalition for Genetic Fairness, a group of 500 organizations that advocated for genetic non-discrimination legislation on Capitol Hill and played a major role in helping pass the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA).  Jeremy is regularly consulted by and  testifies before Congress, Federal agencies and state legislatures.  In 2010 led the campaign to scale back the University of California Berkeley’s student genetic testing program and in 2011 he led the campaign to enact CalGINA which extended genetic privacy and discrimination protections to areas such as Life insurance and mortgages. He has recently testified twice before the FDA on regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.




Since 1983, the Council for Responsible Genetics has represented the public interest and fostered public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technologies. CRG is a leader in the movement to steer biotechnology toward the advancement of public health, environmental protection, equal justice, and respect for human rights.



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