Working Session: Religious Engagement and Moral Discourse
Wednesday 28 July 2010, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Over the past decade controversies involving the new human biotechnologies have reflexively been portrayed in the media and elsewhere as fundamentally grounded in a "conflict between religion and science."  Partly as a result, some secular people have become reluctant to consider powerful emerging technologies in explicitly moral terms.

The inadequacy of nuanced moral engagement with these technologies, whether or not based in religious tradition, constitutes a serious impediment to building the sorts of collaborations and coalitions that will be needed if meaningful policies and practices are to be realized.

This working session was structured as a colloquy and strategy discussion of the state of moral and religious engagement with new human biotechnologies and other emerging technologies; agreements and differences among religions domestically and globally; ways to bridge or navigate around real and imaginary secular/religious divides; ways in which religious and moral discourse can be brought into the public square in a manner that fosters rather than impedes collaborative efforts, and more.

Location : Astoria Room