Policy and Strategy: Breakout Sessions
Wednesday 28 July 2010, 10:30am - 12:00pm

Following the framing presentations on policy and strategy, participants reconvened in seven breakout sessions in separate meeting rooms, to consider at length the questions raised. These discussions were carefully facilitated and rapporteured.

Session 1 Facilitator Francine Coeytaux

Rapporteur Sam Anderson
Session 2 Facilitator Susan Fogel

Rapporteur Eric Hoffman
Session 3 Facilitator Ben Hurlbut
Rapporteur Jillian Theil
Session 4 Facilitator Gina Maranto

Rapporteur Colin O'Neil
Session 5 Facilitator Rayna Rapp

Rapporteur Doug Pet
Session 6 Facilitator James Rusthoven

Rapporteur Molly Maguire
Session 7 Facilitator Pat Williams
Rapporteur Brendan Parent