Open time and discussion sessions
Tuesday 24 July 2012, 4:00pm - 6:15pm

There were four scheduled discussion sessions:

The Dangerous Connections Between Biodefense and Synthetic Biology: 4:10pm - 5:10pm (Hartley Room)

The past two Tarrytown Meetings have attempted to forge and deepen connections between a variety of issues sorrounding the new human genetic and reproductive technologies. In this special session, Susan Wright and Bob Gould attempted to deepen these connections further by exploring the topic of bioweapons and biodefense.

Teaching Biopolitics: 4:10pm - 5:40pm (Knickerbocker Room)

This session was structured around presentations on several newly developed educational resources; feedback from participants to take advantage of their subject and pedagogical expertise; and discussion of opportunities and challenges in “teaching biopolitics.”

Bioethics & Political Ideology: 4:10pm - 5:40 pm (Washington Irving Room)

Participants in this session discussed possibilities for conflict and compromise among the various political ideologies that drive biopolitical debate.

2012 is the 200th anniversary of the Luddite uprisings in England. Understanding what Luddism is really about can bring a new and deeper perspective to the challenges raised by reproductive and genetic technologies.


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