The Next Generation of Leadership
Wednesday 28 July 2010, 4:30pm - 3:00pm

This semi-structured discussion connected those who are early in their careers addressing the new human biotechnologies and their social implications. It explored in depth points raised at Tuesday evening's session on intergenerational concerns, and address additional related topics. These included:

* How do we influence and increase awareness of these issues in our educational institutions?
* How can we use our unique access to new media most effectively?
* Where have each of us been in the field and where do we wish to go?
* What career options are there: NGO, academic, entrepreneurial (writing, speaking), corporate/private? Where can we have the greatest impact?

The gathering was also an opportunity for younger participants at Tarrytown simply get to know each other better and to discuss plans for continued networking and engagement.

Cellar 49 Tavern (down staircase near the entrance to the main dining hall)

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Jillian Theil
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