Ross White
Public Policy Associate
The Hastings Center
Student- Philosophy and Social Policy
George Washington University
United States

Ross White is Public Policy Associate at The Hastings Center, a non-profit non-partisan bioethics and public policy research institute founded in 1969. In his capacity as Public Policy Associate he helps to translate the Center's ongoing work on medicine, science, health care, and biotechnology into a public policy context. He ensures that ongoing organizational research reaches relevant stakeholders and policymakers in the DC area; attends meetings to keep the Research and Public Affairs and Communications (PAC) departments at the Center abreast of major policy developments and discussions in bioethics and related fields; and serves as a representative of the Center at meeting related to emerging science and medicine. His major areas of focus are health care policy, emerging biotechnologies, and personalized medicine.

He is also currently a graduate student in the Philosophy and Social Policy program at George Washington University, where he is focusing on health and science policy.

Ross previously served for two years as a research assistant at The Hastings Center where he helped to research a range of issues including synthetic biology and other emerging biotechnologies, health care reform, child psychopharmacology, end of life care, genetic privacy, and personalized medicine. He graduated from Davidson College in 2009 with a degree in political science and medical humanities.  

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The Hastings Center is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969. The Center's mission is to address fundamental ethical issues in the areas of health, medicine, and the environment as they affect individuals, communities, and societies.

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