Ole Döring
Expert in China's Culture, Philosophy, Medicine and Public Health
Charité Medical University

Dr. Ole Doering is a German Philosopher and Sinologist, born in 1965.

He studied at the universities of Tuebingen and Goettingen for receiving his Magister Artium degree and continued to get his Ph.D. at Bochum University. Since 1996, he has developed an inter-disciplinary research program on life-science and public health related ethical, legal and social issues, with a focus on cultures, communication and applied interest of ethics, including ethical governance, cross-cultural hermeneutics, public health theory, medical anthropology. Within this program, he initiated a series of research projects about Human Genetics, Advanced Medicine and Ethics – China Focus (Hamburg, 1996-2002), co-founded a German research group on Culture-Transcending Bioethics (Bochum, 2002-2006) and a Europe-China Consortium under the European Commission’s FP6 (London/Hamburg 2006-2009), and most recently, received a grant from the German Ministry of Science and Technology to organise the Sino-German Network on Public Health and Bioethics (Berlin, 2010 - ).

Dr. Doering started his work in Asia as a research scholar at Hong Kong University in 1996. Since then, he has visited several universities for lectures, seminars and research all over the continent, and organised many China-European conferences and training courses. He has received honorable appointments from Shanghai National Human Genome Center (2000), Dalian Medical University (2001), Changsha Shifan Daxue (2004); in 2002, he was appointed Regional Representative in Western Europefor the Asian Bioethics Association (ABA).

His vast work is published widely (See CV).

Dr. Doering also plays an active role in engaging science-society interaction and has served as an advisor for several company and governmental bodies.

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