Karthik Sonty
Adjunct Associate
Center for Genetics and Society
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
United States

Karthik Sonty is a 2010 graduate of Colby College with a penchant for applied ethics and a history in social justice. His freshman summer was spent in India, working for a non-profit focused on women's education and at a state-run orphanage, teaching English and basic computer skills to young boys. The next year, in an effort to experience larger scale humanitarian work, he interned with the World Food Programme in Rome, writing, researching, and editing documents for the Emergency Preparedness department. Since taking an interest in biomedical ethics and gen-ethics, he has also worked with the United Nations-affliated Appignani Bioethics Center, helping to develop a Human Organ Trafficking protocol, and on an independent opioid study with Dr. Michael Schatman. In his spare time, Karthik hikes, skateboards, has strong opinions on not-so-well-known music, cooks Nouvelle Cuisine (his plating could use some work), writes creative non-fiction, and is an avid rock climber.  At various points, he has been the featured music columnist for Elephant Journal, in Boulder, CO, Chair of Concerts and Live Music, at Colby College, and a Director of the Colby Mountaineering Club.  These days he is working at a healthcare consulting firm in Massachusetts and struggling to reconcile his idealistic urges to save the world, his youthful urges to explore the world, and his practical urges to survive the world