Jessica Cussins
Staff Associate
Center for Genetics and Society
United States

Jessica Cussins is a Staff Associate at the Center for Genetics and Society and is excited to be part of the 2012 Tarrytown Meetings. She graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2012, earning her B.A. with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. She has experience working for a non-profit organization in the Bay Area addressing the issue of access to scientific education in public schools. She is interested in the intersection of biotechnologies with social justice, specifically in how assisted reproductive technologies and personal genomics/ biobanks  blur the line between the personal and the corporate, and what the inequality that is currently prevalent in the use of,  access to, and information about, biotechnologies will continue to mean for contemporary society. She is interested in looking not only at what these issues mean for individuals and their choices, but also at their broader societal consequences, specifically in regards to racial, gender, and economic disparities.