Hedva Eyal
Women and Medical Technologies Project Coordinator
Isha L'Isha

Hedva Eyal is the coordinator of the Women and Medical Technologies project and togther with Yali Hashash she was the driving force behind establishing this project. She is a PhD candidate at the School of Public Policy and Government, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her field of research is regulation of medical experiments in humans in Israel. Hedva is a Mizrahi feminist and a veteran member of Isha L’Isha. In the past, she served as the general coordinator of Isha L’Isha for five years, where she consolidated networks with organizations for social change, initiated projects, led ad-hoc coalitions, and lectured on issues relating to women and their rights in various fields. In the framework of the Women and Medical Technologies, Hedva is the author of “Depo Provera, a Contraceptive Method Given via Injection. A Report on its Prescription Policy among Women of the Ethiopian Community in Israel,” and co-author of “Ova Donation Legislation Proposal: Shortcoming Analysis and Status Overview."

Isha L’Isha, established in 1983, is the oldest grassroots feminist organization in Israel and one of the leading voices of women’s rights in the country.
Our vision is a society where all women—regardless of religion, ethnicity or cultural background—enjoy equal rights in all fields, including economic, social, and political.
The aim of Women & Medical Technologies Project is opening up public discourse and involvement on issues related to reproductive rights and technological developments and their social and economic implications on society in general and on women in particular. We aim to establish the right for women’s autonomy on their own bodies, to reduce the use of women’s bodies for medical purposes and human experiments, and to stop women’s bodies from being perceived as a cheap and accessible “resource.” Isha L'Isha

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