Gregory Kaebnick
Research Scholar
The Hastings Center
United States

Gregory E. Kaebnick is a Research Scholar, the Director of the Editorial Department, and editor of the Hastings Center Report and Bioethics Forum. He is interested in questions about the kinds of values that figure in thinking about new biotechnology, and particularly in the way people think about nature and human nature. This work has evolved out of earlier work on the nature and status of moral values and the structure of moral deliberation. Dr. Kaebnick is currently leading the research project, “The Ideal of Nature: Appeals to Nature in Debates about Biotechnology and the Environment.” In Genetic Ties and the Future of the Family, he explored the ramifications of genetic paternity testing for the parent-child relationship. In the recently concluded Crafting Tools for Public Conversation about Behavioral Genetics, he addressed the implications of behavioral genetics for human freedom. He received his Ph.D. (1998) and MS (1994) in philosophy from the University of Minnesota and his BA in religion from Swarthmore College (1986).

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