Carolyn McLeod
Associate Professor & Graduate Chair
University of Western Ontario
519.661.2111 x85877

Carolyn McLeod is Associate Professor and Graduate Chair in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. Most of her research deals with moral dilemmas that occur in reproductive health care and with the moral concepts needed to resolve these dilemmas. She's written about the nature of autonomy, trust, self-trust, integrity, objectification, commodification, and conscience. She's tackled moral dilemmas having to do with miscarriage, infertility, embryo and oocyte donation or selling, contract pregnancy, fertility preservation in girls or women with cancer, and conscientious refusals by health care professionals to provide standard services such as abortion services. Most of her current research deals with this last topic and with how to understand conscience and conscientious refusals. This work is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ("Let Conscience Be Their Guide? Conscientious Refusals in Reproductive Health Care," Operating Grant, 2010-13, P.I. McLeod), and a description of it can be found here.

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