Presentation - Ari Schulman

Presentation - Ari Schulman
This presentation explored the following issues:

- Human conversation spans a spectrum of forms, from whole books down to individual, in-person conversations.
- Blogging in effect fills in what was before a missing spectrum on that gap, between in-person conversations and newspaper stories or long-form essays.
- Blogging provides a venue for thoughtful but not belabored conversation between many people in many places, and allows such conversations to progress quickly to deal with news events.
- This model could be strengthened and better taken advantage of by thinkers in the bioethics field.
- Maintaining a network of bloggers who are in regular conversation with each other would allow for better cross-pollination of ideas, resolution of disputes, forming of common understanding, and so forth.
- Possibly having a strong network in this way might also attract more attention from outside, traditional media, and make it easier for them to get an understanding of current debates.
- Some simple technical and social tools could facilitate a blogging network.