Reconciling contradictions: Promoting a progressive politic around ART
Wednesday 27 July 2011, 9:00am - 10:20am



As we move forward in developing a progressive public policy agenda on ARTs and human biotechnologies, we recognize that many of us feel internal discomfort as some of the values we hold dear appear to be in conflict. This highly interactive workshop provided the opportunity for participants to explore the contradictions we feel within ourselves. We were not proposing an exercise to achieve consensus among us, but rather to name those contradictions so that we can address them. For example, how can we restrain the trend toward sex selection without compromising abortion rights? How can we promote policies that treat people with disabilities with dignity, but also allow prenatal genetic testing? How can we reconcile support for access to ARTs for family formation with concern about the rights and well-being of surrogates and egg providers?

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